Baghdad Central is an upcoming six part series for Channel 4 set during the American invasion of 2003.

I edited episode 2 for director Alice Troughton. The series was produced by Jonathan Curling and Executive Produced by Kate Harwood for Euston Films.

An upcoming adaptation of War of the Worlds for BBC and Mammoth Screen.

The three part mini series was directed by Craig Viveiros. I edited episode 2, with episodes 1 and 3 being handled by Adam Bosman.

The series is due to air on BBC One in 2019.

An upcoming short film staring Jordan Waller and Anna Wilson-Jones.

Directed by Max Gill and produced by Ugly Duckling Films

A short film about a Self-Service checkout that gives romantic advice. The film stars Olivia Coleman, Jamie Blackley, Isabella Laughland and Andrew Ellis.

Written by Chris Croucher and directed by Stephen Gallacher, the film has played at festivals around the world.

A mixture of live concert and documentary. This is a film about the legendary string quartet, Kronos.

Directed by Oscar nominee Sam Green and editing maestro Joe Bini, I cut a number of sequences for the film.

A Thousand Thoughts will be premiering later this year at Sundance, and will then go on tour globally with the quartet.